October 26, 2020

Freddie Roach: Mike Tyson does not know the meaning of an ‘exhibition’ and will "swing for the fences” against Jones Jnr.

Marc Gatford
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Legendary trainer Freddie Roach predicts his former charge Mike Tyson will KO Roy Jones

How will Mike Tyson approach his showdown with Roy Jones Jnr?

"I spoke with Mike Tyson about ten days ago and I told him he doesn't know the meaning of the word 'exhibition.' He laughed but he knew what I meant.  Mike is an old school fighter who only has one gear - forward. 

"And I know when that bell rings, Mike will be swinging for the fences. I think Mike knocks Roy Jones out. But I did warn Mike that Roy has to be careful of Roy's left to the body. That's the punch Roy used to knock out Virgil Hill."

Eumir Marcial is being dubbed "the new Manny Pacquiao" - is he one to watch?

"He sure is. Eumir hits really hard. He's a very slick southpaw. He's a pleasure to train. He has a good work ethic, he works his tail off, and he soaks in everything he is taught. 

"He speaks three or four different languages fluently. Very bright. Just a few days into camp, his brother passed away and he decided to stay in camp instead of going back to the Philippines for the funeral. 

"I know he was hurting inside but that showed me his dedication to being the best. He wants to bring back Olympic gold and a world title belt back to the Philippines. He loves his country so much. He's a gem."