September 9, 2020

Kubrat Pulev's co-promoter: AJ's camp have 'contemplated' skipping their fight and going straight to Tyson Fury

Marc Gatford
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AJ vs Pulev has been a long time in the offing and taking even longer to get over the line

We asked Kubrat Pulev's co-promoter Ivaylo Gotzev whether there is a chance that Anthony Joshua and Matchroom might skip their scheduled fight and go straight into the hotly anticipated all-British bout with Tyson Fury?

His answer will shock the boxing world...

"That's something that they have always contemplated their end. But that door will be closed with a lawsuit if they break our deal and our contract.

"There are some very good attorneys in England and some very fair courts, so it will come down to whether they want to decide whether they want that or not.

"I do believe AJ and his promoter will do the right thing and do as they say and finalise the deal.

"Through blood sweat and tears Kubrat earned his position to challenge AJ. Will they overrule his rights, can they all overrule his rights? That's entirely up to them if they want to try that.

"They should respect the rules of the IBF. There's a signed agreement."

"We are in the final stages of closing the deal, which we are extremely happy with. We're adjusting the original contract and it's finally going in the right direction that keeps both sides happy.

"It's now up to Eddie to conclude their part. Our signature will come a lot easier than theirs."

"To become a champion you must go into foreign lands and conquer and that's what Kubrat has decided to do. That's where the win will be the sweetest and the most legitimate. Let's do it in London.

"We're going for the knockout. Kubrat is a man's man. He has heart, skill. talent and he's going to upset the apple cart. The question is: is AJ a man or is he still a mama's boy?"

"Kubrat is the big underdog, it's like a Rocky story. AJ is a physical specimen, he's like Apollo Creed and we're bringing in Rocky. When he upsets AJ that's the end of Matchroom's reign."