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21 Nov




To generate publicity for the biggest sponsorship moment of the year for Betfair, the Betfair Chase at Haydock Park racecourse, which was scheduled to take place the day before the World Cup started in Qatar.

Press Box PR was tasked with creating a PR stunt to raise awareness of the sponsorship and tap into World Cup fever, cross-selling a racing audience into football and vice versa. 


Press Box PR staged a real six-horse race, with each entry representing one of the top teams at the World Cup, to predict the outcome of the tournament on Betfair Chase day.

Leading English jockey Bryony Frost was secured to ride England, trained by countryman Paul Nicholls. Former England football manager Glen Hoddle was on hand for the trophy presentation and to provide additional media commentary.

Press Box PR organised the entire event, securing both horses and jockeys, working with the racecourse team to stage the contest and handling all media relations and content production. 


A full highlights package with prominent Betfair branding and coverage of World Cup odds was shown during ITV1’s main Saturday racing broadcast, which was watched live by millions. Additionally, more than 50 pieces of earned media coverage were generated in online and print publications, as well as the highlights clip being shared widely on social media.

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