Case study

Coffee Friend

9 Nov




Drive organic traffic growth and boost SEO performance to help a lesser-known brand compete with major players in the UK and boost sales.


Target national and regional UK media and secure valuable backlinks with a range of content, including: 

  • The ‘coffee break’ series, where Press Box PR sat down with a famous face to discuss their love of coffee along with other relevant stories
  • Research pieces, all relevant to coffee, including studies into how the British public take their coffee and the top independent coffee shops across the country
  • Expert comment, e.g. dispelling myths and shedding light on coffee’s medicinal qualities
  • Recipes and food-and-drink based content, including seasonal specials such as iced coffee, Irish coffee liqueur and more

All of the above were designed with Google’s expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (EAT) algorithm in mind to position Coffee Friend as an expert on the subject. 


Link-building activity led to a 500% increase in organic traffic. The brand also rose from beyond the top 100 on Google search to page one, with Coffee Friend outranking well-established rivals such as Nespresso for key commercial terms.

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