Case study

iCandy: Talent-led brand campaign

21 Nov




Press Box PR was hired to execute a SEO-driven digital PR campaign, with a focus on brand awareness, through a talent collaboration with social media star and TV personality Thomas Skinner. 


Press Box PR sourced and executed media interviews with Thomas as part of an editorial campaign, targeting high-authority news outlets and producing exclusive content for leading titles. It also hosted its own interview with Thomas to generate canned quotes to distribute to the wider press, stretching the scope of the campaign online. Press Box PR arranged a photoshoot with Thomas and his family to generate branded images to provide visual assets to distribute alongside interview quotes for the online press. 


Press Box PR’s link-building activity as part of the campaign outreach secured earned coverage in mainstream media titles, with links back to the client’s website across major publications including The Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Mail, Metro and The Sun. In total, 17 pieces of coverage were generated, with more than 50% of these including links. All press included in-copy mentions of the client, including branded images and direct references to the gifted product itself in addition to the on-brand and testimonial quotes from the talent involved.

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