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21 Nov




European MMA promotion Oktagon is one of the best-known shows in its central European heartland and it aspired to become the ‘Champions League of MMA’.

Press Box PR was recruited to deliver equivalent levels of fame in the UK ahead of its debut show in Britain. The goal in raising its profile was ultimately to drive ticket sales for its Manchester event. 


Press Box PR’s journalists created engaging editorial content by embedding themselves in the camps, shows and routines of the promotion’s top fighters, attending multiple events across Europe and bringing key media with them. 

Press Box PR’s team delved into the human interest stories behind the fighters, creating irresistible multimedia content for publications and in turn, helping to publicise Oktagon and build awareness of its stable of fighters in the UK.

Press Box PR also worked with Jake Quickenden to profile his journey from reality TV star to MMA fighter, or ‘Stage to the Cage’. The team developed a strategy designed to change the existing perceptions of MMA by engaging female and family audiences to dispel the myth that the sport is solely of appeal to its traditionally male, hardcore fight fan audience. 

Regular content aimed at gaining coverage in key UK titles was designed to both appeal to fans of the sport, while also enticing first-time spectators to buy tickets by tapping into other aspects of the fighters they could relate to. 


Press Box PR secured more than 80 pieces of media coverage in 33 different publications, with more than 50% of these including links, branded imagery, video content and key messaging around prize money, event viewing details and/or calls to action. 

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