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Saxo: Sport reactive

17 Jan




Luke Littler became the youngest player to reach the PDC World Darts Championship final on Wednesday, January 3rd taking second prize winnings of £200,000. But what happens when a 16-year-old wins this amount of money?

Using our investment banking client Saxo we were able to turn a topical sporting news story into a financial reactive press release by securing quick commentary on the new darts sensation's tax implications for the upcoming year.


At Press Box PR, we know how to work the newsroom game. We act fast on trending stories and use our clients' knowledge to steer the conversation. 

As a rare incident for a teenager to come into such a large amount of money, the team looked into how much Luke the Nuke would have to pay in taxable income. Using Saxo as an expert in this field they offered insight into how and why his big money win would be affected.


After the strategy was executed the team began to see the high reward of reactive PR tactics. The reactive commentary earned 39 backlinks and 25 mentions across national, international and local media. It even caught the Government's eye, with HMRC Press Office tweeting about it.

The tweet read: “Big congrats to Luke on his fantastic run to the final. We can confirm the existence of income tax.” This tweet received 4.2K likes, 865 retweets, and 847K views - with figures still climbing. 

HMRC Press Office tweeted about Luke Littler's taxable income after second prize winnings at the PDC World Darts Championship final.

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