Jose Enrique calls transfer fees ‘craziness’ and believes certain players aren't worth big money

Katie Storey


30 Aug



In an exclusive interview, Jose Enrique, the former footballer making an appearance in the Newcastle squad, but mainly being a big name at Liverpool talks about Liverpool's situation moving forward into the 2022/23 season and Newcastle's talking points. We were lucky enough to get the expert views from Enrique on players like Salah, Elliot, Trent etc.. An interview that made big coverage for the team and client after capturing exclusive information on the season ahead from Jose. Take a look to see the successful interview.


Do you think Liverpool can challenge for the title despite their poor start by their standards?

It's all about squad strength. If they don't get the players that they need then it will be tough to see them fighting for the title. They also need someone on the right side as Minamino and Origi have left the club. If they're lucky with injuries they could be there but if they don't I think it will be tough.

Liverpool need a midfielder badly don't they?

Liverpool definitely need a midfielder. Oxlade-Chamberlain, Thiago and Naby Keita are great but they are always injured and you need strength in depth. At the moment, they're really lacking a midfielder and losing Sadio Mane has been a massive loss.

I love Nunes, who just signed for Wolves and it's a mistake that Liverpool didn't go for him. They're talking about Caicedo from Brighton, but I like Gallagher from Chelsea. He could be going back to Crystal Palace but I like him a lot, he will be a good player.

Next year Liverpool will go for someone like Bellingham but right now there's not a lot of options. For me, I love Gallagher from Chelsea.

Just how impressed have you been with Harvey Elliott?

Elliott can go wherever he wants in terms of ability and talent. Liverpool means everything for him and he's been great so far this season.

If he's lucky with injuries he can go right to the very top.

Salah didn't get a single goal or assist in the thrashing of Bournemouth, is that concerning?

It’s just one of those things. He had a few chances to score and he's already got two goals this season.

However, I think it's true that he's not playing at the level he has been in other seasons. He's struggling a bit but he will still get his usual numbers because he is Salah and he has that quality.

Last season you could understand it a bit because of his contract situation and other factors, but it's true he's struggling more than expected. Apart from against Bournemouth, Van Dijk has been too.

What do you make of Darwin Nunez's start to the season?

When you look at Haaland, he's a bit like Cristiano in his mentality where nothing affects him. Nunez is different and I remember in the summer when he reacted to criticism by putting an 'Shh' emoji on Twitter.

In terms of ability, I love Darwin and he's got that Uruguayan mentality where they just keep fighting. The only doubt is whether he'll be able to handle the price tag and just perform. If he can't, he'll struggle.

Who do you rate more at the moment, James or Trent?

Trent defensively can have lapses in concentration. He's not a bad defender but he disconnects from the game and he has to be more on top of his game.

He's still 23 so has a lot of time to improve. Right now Reece James has had an amazing start to the season and has been better, but I would always have Trent in my team.

What's your top four prediction?

City will be champions, second I'll go for Liverpool but it will be tight with Chelsea. And Tottenham have Antonio Conte, so I'll have to go with them for fourth.

Are you worried Arsenal can do something special?

They can do something special, they can win a trophy. The recruitment has been fantastic. They have Martinelli, Saka and Odegaard in midfield.

The problem with Arsenal is they have a problem if Jesus gets injured. I like Nketiah but I don't think he's half as good as Jesus.

The season is long but the worry is that Jesus or another big player gets injured. At the moment, they can beat anyone!

What did you make of the Richarlison show-boating against Nottingham Forest?

I don't agree with Carragher saying it was disgraceful, but I've never been a player who's done that. I don't like it.

One day he could get injured as the opponent will not respond well to it.

People are going to think he's taking the p***. It's not something I like and players shouldn't do that.

It’s a bit like players who go down easily and stay on the floor, I think Neymar does this the most and Richarlison does it too. The referees should give yellows for something like this, but the problem with Richarlison is that it's all the time.


Thoughts on the signing Alexander Isak?

It's a crazy fee but all the fees are crazy right now. Chelsea tried to sign Anthony Gordon for £60m and he's done nothing so far in his career.

It's crazy at the moment and that's why I don't criticise the big transfer fees right now.

Isak is a player I really like and I recommended him to Liverpool last year. He suits the profile of what Newcastle need right now.

Callum Wilson can get you many goals but he's very prone to injury and that's why they needed another one to help him.

Just how good is Allan Saint-Maximin?

Allan Saint-Maximin can be one of the best wingers in the world if he finds consistency.

He needs more numbers as wingers right now are not what they used to be. Now it's all about numbers.

We saw against City, I've never seen Kyle Walker get destroyed like that.

Is there a worry someone could go in for Bruno Guimaraes too?

Guimaraes is a top player. Newcastle have big players now and clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool will come in for their stars. It will be hard to say no.

They are building something special but they are not a selling club, he's very loved there and they're trying to get in Europe this year. It's difficult for him to leave.

Prediction for Liverpool vs Newcastle?

I think Liverpool will win as they're at Anfield and the confidence is back. If Liverpool can finish first and Newcastle second every year, I'd be a very happy man!

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