Louis Saha talks to the sports team on struggling Everton and Frank Lampard's magic touch to keep the squad in the Premier League

Katie Storey


30 Aug



Louis Saha, former football star at Manchester United, Fulham, Everton and his National team France, opened up about his views on the current situation at struggling Everton and if Frank Lampard can work some magic to keep them up in the Premier League in the 2021/22 season.  He shows his passion for the Man United team and what their future looks like ahead of the 2022/23 season whilst also labelling Richarlison as a ‘star’ for Everton.

Did you agree with Frank Lampard’s appointment?

"I thought he's a great player and has done some good stuff at Derby but I didn't think he'd done enough to suggest he deserved a side like Everton after the spell he had with Chelsea, who were playing in the Champions League.

"I didn't think he was a better match than Wayne Rooney. Wayne was obviously aware of things going on in the club.

"Obviously Frank was available. He's a good guy and has good skills in communication, but it's a tough job to do and sometimes you need luck and he hasn't got that at the moment.

"I was not super enthusiastic about him as I didn't think he was the number one choice."

Is Frank Lampard at risk of being sacked if the club continue woeful form and relegation becomes more likely?

"It's unlikely. I think it will be a really silly move and will show that the board has made a mistake again.

"They've made some bad mistakes. I come back to Lucas Digne, getting rid of him was a really bad move as he provided for the strikers.

"I really love this club and it's got all the potential in the world to do amazing things. You see Leicester, West Ham and other clubs doing well, I just don't understand it.

"It's not a matter of the player or managers, it's something else. But eight games is not enough for any manager to come as this club is not a casino.

"It needs structure, but if the club goes down for some restoration, maybe that's the way."

Is Frank Lampard the right man to take club back up if they are relegated?

"He'll have a better time frame to organize his tactics. The way he's been drawn into that team it's not easy.

"I think you can see there's a few players who haven't played as much as expected.

"The new season is different, the Championship is hard so I really wouldn't wish it on him and doing some sort of yo-yo is not always possible, so Everton need to fight until the end and hopefully Lampard can stay in the job and prove me wrong."

"Carlo Ancelotti and other managers didn't do much better in terms of structure and animation in terms of losing games that they shouldn't have."

As a former striker yourself, how do you rate Dominic Calvert-Lewin and what have you made of his recent form?

"He's definitely a good striker. Last year he showed that when he's on his game he's got no equivalent.

"Technically, he's involved in the build-up and in the game.

"The thing that doesn't help is injuries or COVID, it makes it difficult for anyone who's coming back."

Should Jordan Pickford be England’s number one at the World Cup?

"I think with the national team he hasn't had a bad spell. He's made some mistakes, goalkeepers always do, but confidence wise he's been through patches.

"I think he deserves the number one spot because anyone can see that at big tournaments he's provided some amazing moments.

"England have the luck to have two or three behind him - they have quality all over the field."

Do you think big clubs will come calling for Richarlison this summer?

"I don't see any sides that wouldn't have him. He's a special player and no-one plays the way he plays.

"He's always a danger and I can see any side from the top, Chelsea or Liverpool, wait not Liverpool! Obviously joking.

"For sure a team in the Premier League will be looking, but I hope Everton manage to keep that kind of player because he's the star."

How do you assess Harry Maguire’s season at Manchester United and likely future at the club?

"When you have all the talk, it's an indication something is going wrong and you're making too many mistakes.

"Too many mistakes as a captain is very damaging because it drives the discussions and it's rare to see that.

"What I would say is that when you are in that position you still have to commit yourself and sacrifice.

"Other players haven't performed but as a captain the situation can be harsh. I think it was a bit unfair for some England fans booing him as that doesn't help his confidence.

"He's a top defender, he just needs to show in both boxes that he can provide a better outcome for his team."

Paul Pogba seems likely to leave, how do you reflect on his six years at Old Trafford?

"Why Pogba hasn't performed as well for United is the one billion dollar question.

"He's had some great patches but hasn't been consistent for all the year, which is why everybody talks about transfers and a new contract.

"All the communication has been bad for him and hasn't allowed him to really focus."

"Pogba has suggested there needs to be a set plan at United, but that could be an excuse and I don't like that because layers of this stature need to speak on the field.

"He needs to adapt because he's a big player. It hasn't been easy but I have no explanation."

Wayne Rooney said United should consider selling Ronaldo and focus on younger hungrier players, what do you make of that?

"I don't understand. I'm a bit surprised. To target Cristiano Ronaldo and say we need to move on is wrong.

"Why don't we build young players around Cristiano? Let them learn and improve around him.

"If those players cannot improve and grow then they are not good enough.

"I don't agree at all and I think Cristiano has done an enormous sacrifice, but under criticism he has done well.

"The team hasn't played well and I don't like Cristiano being targeted."

Rooney also believes Manchester United should be starting Jesse Lingard more regularly, what do you think?

"I think Wayne's got a point. He's a local boy and hungry and wants to play.

"I don't think he deserves the team to be built around him. I don't think Lingard is at that level yet.

"He played well at West Ham, but Man United is a different animal and Bruno Fernandes should be asking for that and Lingard will respect that.

"His attitude is like that as he doesn't complain and knows that he needs to do better."

The rumours still circle about Mauricio Pochettino or Ten Hag being next in at Old Trafford, would you have a preference or do you have another name you’d like to see take the managerial reigns?

“Those two names are great names. You can notify straight away that those guys can do great work.

"They're both good with young players but sometimes you feel they need more experience in terms of trophies and pedigree.

"For Pochettino he's done some great jobs in Tottenham but hasn't won and you may ask if he's able to do it at Man United, because there it's not about playing well it's about winning trophies.

"I'm not convinced until they take the job and prove it to us.

"They may help them play well and develop younger players, but that does not guarantee the Champions League or the Premier League."

Thomas Tuchel has also been linked, would he be the best option?

"Tuchel has shown in the last two years that he's more than capable.

"He brings a guarantee and that's not just because he won the Champions League, but the manner he has.

"I'm a big fan but it's going to be a tough job for the board."

Emmanuel Petit thinks Manchester United should go all out for Mbappe, what do you think?

"I think that's wasting their time. He's a massive fan of Real Madrid and PSG.

"If he does go he'll go to a team that's not in transition. He wants to be the best player in the world, winning Ballon d'Ors and as an agent, I don't think that's realistic.

"I hope it's a possibility but it's not ever going to come."

Do you have any memories of Sir Alex during the Grand National or talking about horse Racing?

"Those guys from Wazza to John O'Shea, Wes Brown, all those guys were absolutely fanatics.

"They love all the bets and getting dressed and their wives did too. I can remember all through the year thinking about those moments as it's such an event.

"I was invited once but I'm not a big fan of gambling!"

Was racing part of the culture at Man United?

“All the guys were really into it. John O'Shea was the one who was into it the most but Wazza and a lot of players like Darren Fletcher really liked it.

"It's part of the culture at Manchester United, it's a big link."

Was the Grand National huge when you were at Everton, given it’s in Liverpool?

"The local lads, Leon Osman and Phil Jagielka all loved it.

"I think there were even a few part owners of horses who loved it."

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