November 6, 2020

Tommy Fury: 'I'm not interested in fantasy Love Island fights... I'm interested in being World Champion'

Marc Gatford
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Love Island star fights on Mark Heffron vs Denzel Bentley undercard on BT Sport on Friday 13th November


"I'm not interested in fighting for fame or money, I'm interested in becoming world champion. I'm not interested in little fantasy Love Island v Love Island fights. I'm a professional sportsman and I don't see boxing as a game; I'm in this job to hurt people, do serious damage and prove to people I'm a fighting man.

"Love Island was a great way to showcase my personality and I've done that now. I've got that fun side and I've got the other side to me and right now, a week away from my fight, I'm definitely on that other side.

"All I can see is carnage everywhere. I'm not interested in being a Mr. Nice Guy, I'm interested in breaking someone's face in a week's time.

“I'm feeling good, I'm feeling very fit ahead of this fight. I just want to get in there and show everybody that this is what I do and this is me.

"Tune in next week because you're gonna see a whole different set of skills from me; my boxing, my power, my movement and I'm looking to put a great show on." 


"I'm not being biased but the Joshua fight will be the easiest fight of Tyson's career.

"Tyson's an all round better round fight than Joshua. Joshua's a great champion and achieved a lot in his career but Tyson's just on that next level.

"There's not anything that Joshua does that poses a threat. He comes forward and he throws a one-two, a hook and the occasional uppercut - that's it.

"For my money Wilder would have had his way with Joshua. Wilder's a lot more explosive and a harder hitter, so if Tyson has done that to Wilder, what is he gonna do to Joshua? The Joshua fight would be a foregone conclusion.

"If Tyson chose to box, Joshua wouldn't get near him. If Tyson wants to fight AJ like he did Wilder then he ain't going to win that battle because Tyson is six-feet-nine inches, nearly 20 stone and has got big, big fire power now - if a massive puncher like Wilder couldn't do anything with that, what's Joshua going to do?

"Joshua is a big man but he's musclebound and in the late rounds that will have an effect. As we've seen in a lot of Joshua's fights, when he's been in a proper fight, he has gassed out. Round six, seven and eight he has become sloppy and that's when I think Tyson will get him out of there."


“It's stupid, I had a lot respect for Wilder, I thought he was a good champion, but he just met his match. All this stuff that he's coming out with now - I can't get my head around it.

“As a champion and as a role model you should just admit you’ve been beaten twice by a better man and brush yourself off on come again.

“All of these excuses he's coming up with are bad to hear. He's not being a good sportsman and basically just coming up with anything he can think of.

‘He's saying his own team has spiked his water and all sorts of stuff, ludicrous stuff that you don't say as a sportsman - as an athlete you just kind of take on the chin and get on with it.

“I think Wilder’s in a really low, low state because he had a big ego, everyone around him had big egos, and I think to lose in the way he did, getting brutally battered for seven rounds, it's hard to swallow. 

"I don't think he can swallow it and that's the problem here. Tyson's a much better fighter than him, don't be making excuses for yourself and tarnishing your legacy because that's all he's doing."


"The difference between working with my dad and Sugar is - my dad's a very old-school trainer and old school sort of guy. Sugar has got a very unique way of training.  

"The first time he trained me it really opened my eyes because you feel like you've never had a fight or boxed in your life, because he completely strips you down as a fighter and it's crazy the things that he teaches but they're so effective and work so well.

“The few weeks I've spent with him have been priceless as an up and coming boxer, something money can't buy.

"Every single fight that I've got coming up I'd love to work with him definitely because he's a really unique guy, different from any other trainer that I've ever had before and It's all light hearted stuff.

"It's not screaming, it's not shouting, it's lighthearted stuff. It's teaching. Sugar's really a teacher instead of a trainer and it sinks in differently."


"She's helped me prepare all the way, I can't ask for any better because she's always been there; she constantly supports me, she cooks me dinners and she washes all my clothes - and it's a lot of washing I'll tell you that. Three sessions a day, six days a week to prepare for my fight - that's a fair bit of washing.

"She's behind me all the way and that's what you need - behind every great man is a great woman.

"Our lives are pretty straightforward and simple, we don't do too much. We're really lazy, we just stay in, sit on the sofa and watch TV.I don't think much will change in our lives [during lockdown]."


"Don't let it get to you and have fun in your relationship. I feel that if you've met the right one and you're happy in your relationship, you could spend every day in a box with each other and it would be fine - that's how you truly know where you're at.

"Obviously there are going to be little things that are going to annoy each other when you’re trapped in a confined environment, but at the end of the day she's your missus who you love and adore, so you shouldn't be like that just a month of living together every day.

"Each day I pray that we don't leave the house.!She says to me - 'do you want to go look round the town' and I say I'm alright, lets just sit down and watch TV - I'm not interested, I'm in domestic bliss.

"Domestic bliss, yep I can say that definitely. After this fight I'm not going anywhere - I'm going straight back to the sofa. We may as well be locked down forever for us, because we don't move anyway. We're wrapped up in a blanket watching horror films."