Wayne Bridge targets Mancini in an interview with Press box. He emphasises ‘I HATE Mancini, England's final defeat really hurt’

Katie Storey


30 Aug



The sports team had the delight of speaking to Wayne Bridge, a former English football player who had a successful career. Playing in the big teams such as Chelsea, Man City, Fulham and Sunderland. We were able to get his outlook on the trending topics, England losing in the Euros 2021 final against Italy. An honest and shocking opinion from Wayne Bridge- ‘I hate Mancini, so England's Defeat really hurt’- saw our linked coverage rocket.

Bridge says:

  • I hate Mancini, so England's final defeat really hurt
  • Mancini sent City teammates home for questioning his training
  • City’s title wins were down to squad, not Mancini
  • Final defeat will motivate England players during Premier League season

Wayne Bridge: I hate Mancini, so England's final defeat really hurt

It really hurt me because I hate Mancini, everyone knows I have no love for him. I wouldn’t say he’s the worst I’ve had, but tactically he isn’t that great. What he did was good, which hurts to stay. Not only was my family cheering for England, they were cheering that Mancini was losing, so it hurt us even more. I never really got him as a manager. All credit to what he did at Manchester City when winning the league, so City fans will love him, but if you look at the players and the squad that he had, that’s what won it, not him as a manager.

I fell out with him. I was there for a few months and we got on well but I didn’t enjoy training at all. We did team shape against mannequins and as a full back we’re told ‘you’re going to pass it to him or to him, if you pass it there then run that way, if you pass it to him go that way,’ you’d have two options and that was it and playing against mannequins isn’t football. [Craig] Bellamy was trying to ask a question ‘what happens if this happens in a game’, and Mancini would say ‘shut up, be quiet’ and in the end he sent him home and he wouldn’t have him back at training. As a manager, I really don’t get it.

Wayne Bridge: Final defeat will motivate England players during Premier League season

There will be disappointment but football comes thick and fast and the players will have time to forget about it and hopefully people let them forget about it. It will always be in the back of their mind and they will want to prove people wrong so it could work in their favour and put it right. The amount of minutes they played last season and at the tournament, it will come down to how the clubs monitor how players feel and how much time they will get off. A few of them could miss the start of the season, and it all comes down to the clubs and how the players are feeling. It’s a big ask for them to come flying back in straight away.

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